Where Can I Print Documents Near Me? Printing near me in London

Where Can I Print Documents Near Me: A Guide

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Your guide to printing near you

When it comes to finding printers in your local area and when you’re away from home, there are usually several options.

We’ve outlined the pros and cons of a few…

Use an online printing service

Over recent years the popularity of online printing services such as Doxzoo has risen dramatically.


It’s an easy way to print your documents professionally from anywhere – all you need is an internet connection.


  • Order online 24/7 at a time that suits you (no need to leave the comfort of your bed/desk/house!).
  • Quick turnaround times. We can print, bind & deliver in as little as 1 or 2 days.
  • Range of professional print and binding options, finishes and sizes (A6 to A0).


  • Depending on your location, it may take a day or two for delivery.

Printing at a local print shop near you

Although the number of high street print shops has declined in recent years, you may still have one in your town, village or neighbourhood.

Search online for 'printers near me' or check a local business directory to find out where your local print shop is located.

Be sure to check the opening times before you pop in for a visit. Your local office supply and stationery store may also offer a print shop service.


  • Local, hopefully not too far from home
  • In-person service


  • Can involve file transfer fees, plus print costs and the transport costs of getting there
  • You may need to put the file on a USB (and/or buy a USB!)
  • Most have limited opening times such as 9-5, Mon – Fri

Printing at your local library

Most local libraries offer a PC and print service. If you’re unsure whether or not yours does, check on their website.

For those without a printer at home, printing at the library can be a cost-effective option.


  • Supports a local service.
  • In-person service.
  • Low cost printing.


  • Takes time to get there and may involve transport costs.
  • If you aren’t already a member, you will need to register and obtain PC/print access.
  • You may require ID and proof of address etc. to complete this.
  • Zero or few professional binding options.
  • Unlikely to offer a large format printing service (A0, A1 and A2).

Printing at work

If you work in an office, chances are that you have access to the printer. And printing off the occasional 2 for 1 dinner voucher or airport boarding pass is standard practice for many of us.

But it’s hard to know when you’re pushing your luck – especially if you need to print something more substantial than a few loose sheets.


  • Quick and easy, you may be able to print things instantly at your desk.
  • Free!


  • Bog standard office printer and a lack of binding options (stapling, hole punching and comb binding is usually the extent of it).
  • Usually OK for short runs only (check with the boss), however your employer may not be too happy if you start printing a run of your latest self-published novel.
  • Probably not the best idea to print personal or confidential items at work (maybe hold off with printing your CV in the office). If you work a typical 9 – 5, you are restricted to printing within those hours.
  • Usually just A3, A4 or A5 paper sizes available.

Printing at school, college or university

If you are currently studying at school, college or university, you will have access to your on-site PC rooms.

And if you’ve got enough print credits, you’re usually good to go!


  • Local and familiar if you are a student.
  • Wallet-friendly prices, usually.


  • Limited times and usually closed for the holidays.
  • Lack of print and binding options (sizes, binding styles, paper types etc.)

Ask a friend to print for you

If you have a friend with a printer, maybe they can help you out from time to time. But if it’s a regular thing, it will probably get tiresome.


  • Friends help each other out, they are bound to say yes if they have a working printer.
  • It’s free (but you owe them a favour)!


  • Potentially awkward, as your friend may feel obliged to say yes.
  • Limited print and binding options and paper sizes.
  • Can’t print to your own timetable, you’re dependent on your friend’s availability.

Hotels & conference centres

If you’re staying at a hotel or attending an event, the reception staff may be able to accommodate your print request.

Usually this is just for quick, short documents such as boarding passes or event tickets. It’s always worth asking!


  • Convenient location.
  • May be free for paying guests or event attendees.


  • Not reliable – they may or may not offer a print service.
  • Only good for loose pages and short docs e.g. boarding passes and event tickets.
  • May have limited opening times.

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