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Share & Sell

Share your products directly through a link created on Doxzoo and we will print, ship and deliver directly to your customer!

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Customer orders to fulfil and no time? Lots of Boxes clogging up your office? Packing materials and shipping hassles!

Registered users can now "share & sell" items via the existing Saved Products functionality.

This feature allows you to share a link with others in order to "sell" this product. Each item that is purchased will then be printed and delivered to the buyer.

The buyer pays for the item directly and can only choose the quantity required and delivery method. All other parameters are fixed by you as the "seller".

Benefits for using Share & Sell

  • Save yourself time- Set the file up for printing once and save it your product library/Share & Sell library. The link can be shared multiple times for numerous customers to use. 
  • Make money on your prints- When setting up your Share & Sell link you can add a mark up to your product which we will pay you! (Any mark up prices are hidden from your customer).
  • Share to your socials- The generated URL link can be shared any where you like from your Instagram to email or website to your blog.
  • No delivery hassles- You no longer need to worry about delivery/packing prices. Once the customer has clicked your link to order, they will be able to use our delivery methods and we will take care of the rest. 

How to create a Share and Sell product

Youtube how to guide- part 1

Youtube how to guide- part 2

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