Document Previewer & Cover Design Tool

Top Tip #3: View & Configure Document Covers

It’s time for the third part of our Top Tips series.

This time, we explain how to:

  • View your document with the Document Previewer
  • Configure your front and back covers with the Cover Design Tool

What is the Document Previewer?

Our Document Previewer allows you to view your document before you order.

Once you have uploaded a file, the Document Previewer will be displayed on-screen alongside the ‘Configure Your Document’ sidebar.

You can then tweak your document configuration and check the file before placing your order.

Document Previewer Tool

What is the Cover Design Tool?

The Cover Design Tool allows you to set the first and last page of your file as your document covers.

For books and binders, you can also pick a spine colour or add text if required.

And if you’re feeling creative, you can create a cover from scratch using our background colour, image, shape and text options.

Cover Design Tool - Configure Document Covers

To set the first and last page of your file as the document covers, tick the ‘Move page 1′ and ‘Move last page’ options (shown in the left hand column).

You can choose to print your covers in full colour or black and white as required.

Alternatively, create a new cover using the other left-hand menu options (e.g. Background, Shapes, Images and Text).

Cover Design Tool - Spine & Background Colour

To add a spine colour or full background colour, select the ‘Background’ tab and use the colour picker tool. You can also add shapes, text and images using the options in the left-hand menu.

Find out more in our How To video:

Stay tuned for Top Tip #4: Re-ordering Previous Orders

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