Interview With The Minimalist Christmas Company

Today we’re saying a big hello to Andy Roberts, the man behind The Minimalist Christmas Company.

His unusual take on Christmas decorations caught our eye a while ago when he placed a few orders with us. So we decided to find out more about this festive venture…

What is The Minimalist Christmas Company?

The Minimalist Christmas Company (MCC) sells minimalist Christmas cards and decorations. We also sell Minimalist Christmas cheer. *festive woop*

Who is behind it?

The CEO/Chief Designer/Unpaid Intern of the MCC is Andy Roberts (me) – a handsome fellow who currently lives in Gloucester but originally grew up in the North West.

What inspired it? Purely tongue in cheek or do you embrace a minimalist lifestyle?

I have only embraced the minimalist lifestyle in terms of Christmas Decorations, and done so to (what in hindsight appears to be) a sarcastic level. The rest of my flat is too cluttered to be considered Minimalist – I’m just far too proud of my Lego to hide it away in a drawer. I’ve always been a fan of satire so I guess the MCC is a personal satire attempt.

As for what inspired the MCC. First and foremost, I am not the biggest fan of Christmas – especially when you see decorations going up in September. You’d walk down the High Street and see all these gaudy decorations, all painted in the tackiest of colours. So perhaps, in the most insignificant way possible, I decided to protest this by creating decorations that had the bare minimum of joy and frivolity – hence the idea for Minimalist Christmas decorations was born.

Plus, like all twenty somethings, I live in a tiny flat with little to no storage space and the Minimalist Christmas Decorations are kind of perfect for people like me. They only take up a bit of wall space and once Christmas is FINALLY over and done with the decorations and simply go back in an A5 envelope and sit in a drawer until next year.

As for the Christmas Cards, it was actually my parents that inspired me to make those. They pour hours into writing messages inside all their Christmas cards and send them out to people they only talked to once a year, basically prolonging the bare minimum of friendships. Minimalist cards for minimal friendships.

What feedback have you had so far?

The feedback has been the best part of the MCC actually. If I were to describe it in one word, I would say “Marmite”

I sell the decorations and cards at craft fairs and the people who walk by the stall fall into one of two camps.

There are those who chuckle and say “That’s funny”, “That’s a good idea” and other things to that effect. A lot will buy the cards saying how they wanted to cut back this year or that “We’re not doing Christmas Cards this year, but these are perfect”. I like these people.

Then there are those who are quite befuddled by the idea and cock their heads to one side like a confused puppy. They always give the same (very British) response of “Ooo, that’s, erm, interesting” as they sheepishly smile whilst swiftly walking away from the stall.

Though, a few responses I’ve received include “Awful”, “Sad” and my personal favourite “Heartless”. While these aren’t the best reviews I’ve had – I certainly admire their honesty, even if they didn’t get the joke.

Where can we buy your decorations?

You can get hold of the cards or a set of the decorations from www.MinimalistChristmas.Company (we’re even minimalist with the domain name).

The cards are 5 for £2 (or 10 for £3.50) and you can get a full set of the Minimalist Christmas Decorations (which include a tree, a star, four stockings, six baubles, a wreath and a nativity scene) for £4.

These would make an ideal gift for either your uber-trendy friends or for those who go overboard with the Christmas decorations.

Anything else you’d like to add?

If you fancy swinging by any of the Craft Fairs we’re at, be sure to follow us on twitter (@MinimalistXmas) or like us on Facebook (just type in “Minimalist Christmas Company”)

And in the spirit of Christmas…

Favourite thing about Christmas?

Boxing Day

Favourite Christmas song?

I’m a big fan of “Fairy-tale in New York” and “Carol of the Bells” (especially the August Burns Red cover) but recently I’ve grown to like “I wish it could be Christmas every day” simply because of the visceral reaction it triggers thanks to the White Christmas episode of Black Mirror.

Favourite Christmas film?

Die Hard (it’s a Christmas Movie – it takes place on Christmas Eve). But if you’re not counting that then I’d have to go with Muppet Christmas Carol as a close second.

Thanks, Andy!

Doxzoo would like to say a big thank you to Andy for contributing to this post.

Best of luck with The Minimalist Christmas Company!

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