Top Tip #2: Upload Multiple Files & Merge Files Into 1 Document

This post is the second instalment in our Doxzoo Top Tips series for registered users.

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In case you’ve missed it, check out Top Tip #1: How To Save Files In Your Online File Library.

As a registered Doxzoo user, you have exclusive access to a range of useful file management tools.

Save time by uploading multiple files at once and merging your files into one document for printing. Read on to find out how…

How To Upload Multiple Files

Step 1: Login to your Doxzoo account

Doxzoo Login Panel

Step 2: Select ‘My Library’ in the green tab at the top of the page

Select 'My Library'

Step 3: Select or drag and drop your files

Upload Multiple Files

Drag and Drop Your Files

Multiple Files Uploaded

How To Merge Files Into One Document

Step 1: Choose your document binding type e.g. paperback book

Select Your Binding Type & Continue To Select Your Files

Step 2: Continue to ‘Select Your Files’

Step 3: Add your chosen files to ‘My Document’ on the right hand side

Merge Files For Printing
Merge Files & Continue

Step 4: Continue to configure and preview your document

Find out more in our How To video:

Stay tuned for Top Tip #3: View & Configure Your Document Covers

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