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Printed Memoirs, Family History Books & Family Trees – A Perfect Keepsake

Nowadays, it is easier than ever to research your family history, build a family tree or put your fingers to the keyboard and type a memoir.

And here at Doxzoo, quite a few customers choose us for their memoir, family history and family tree printing.

They are the perfect keepsake for all the family and make a great gift for relatives.

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What is a zine?

Online Zine Printing & Binding Services

So you’ve finished writing, designing and laying out your zine – awesome!

Now it’s time to get it printed and bound before you work on the all-important distribution.

Long gone are the days of standing over a photocopier creating copy after copy by hand. Nowadays, online zine printing is the sensible choice.

Find out more about your zine printing options here…

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Comb Binding vs. Wire Binding – Which Binding Method Should I Use?

In the battle of the document binding styles, which one wins?

Well there is certainly no one size fits all – the right binding choice for your document depends on a host of factors.

Including the purpose of your document, page length, budget and more.

In this post, we’ve considered two popular binding methods – comb binding and wire binding. View Post »

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A Size Printing - Paper Size Guide

Paper Size Guide – Which ‘A’ Paper Size Do I Need?

Do you know your A4 from your A2?

When it comes to printing your documents, you may be unsure of which size to go for.

In the UK, the ‘A Series’ paper sizes are the most widely used. ‘A’ sizes are also a popular European ISO paper size standard.

For this reason, the overwhelming majority of printing companies and printing machines can print to these sizes. Here at Doxzoo, we can print in sizes A5 (our smallest paper size) to A0 (our largest paper size).

Read on to find out more about A size paper sizes, including their dimensions and common uses. Plus advice for choosing the right paper size for your printed document… View Post »

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Top Tip #2: Upload Multiple Files & Merge Files Into 1 Document

This post is the second instalment in our Doxzoo Top Tips series for registered users.

Not registered? Click here to sign up now!

In case you’ve missed it, check out Top Tip #1: How To Save Files In Your Online File Library.

As a registered Doxzoo user, you have exclusive access to a range of useful file management tools.

Save time by uploading multiple files at once and merging your files into one document for printing. Read on to find out how…
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