Thumbs Up For Tom Thumb Bar Menus

A couple of weeks ago we had the honour of printing some classic & colourful hardback menu covers for Tom Thumb Bar in Newquay.

Inspired by Ladybird books, the book covers are a fun and unusual way to showcase the tempting bar menu.

To learn more, we grabbed a chat with one of the owners, Jamie Garfield…

Who are the owners? What inspired this venture?

Tom Thumb is owned by Jamie Garfield and Paul Saunders. 2 mates that live in Newquay, Cornwall. We both surf and have a passion for good alcohol and have been in the trade a combined total of 20 years.

Paul and Jamie have been travelling around a lot and more recently together and have ventured on surf road trips through France, Spain and Portugal and then to South Africa.

It was the inspiration from this travel that inspired the bar to become a reality.

Why ‘Tom Thumb’?

The name Tom Thumb came about as a spur of the moment comment that randomly stuck. It’s less a theme and more a nod in the direction of a small venture that is lovely and heart felt and personal.

What sets your bar apart from others?

Our point of difference is the customer service, knowledge and our spirit and alcohol selection. It is above and beyond the usual found in this lovely little surf town!

What is your favourite Ladybird book?

I think my favourite Ladybird book is the new range that included the Hipster one. It’s tongue in cheek is fantastic!

Anything else you’d like to add?

We would like to thank the Doxzoo team, especially Hannah for all her hard work and making the detail and final books look so fantastic!

Thanks Jamie!

Doxzoo would like to say a big thanks to Jamie for his contribution to our blog. We wish you all the best with this exciting venture.

In Newquay?

Don’t forget to swing by Tom Thumb Bar on 27A East Street for a cocktail or two :)

Find out more about Tom Thumb Bar:

Interested In Menu Printing?

Find out more about our menu printing service and hard back book printing or get in touch with us at [email protected] to discuss your requirements.

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