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Paperback Book printing

Paperback Book

Paperback Book Printing Services (Perfect Binding)
  1. Choice of 8 book sizes
  2. Professional paperback quality
  3. No minimum order quantity
  1. Customise your covers & spine
  2. Low prices & fast delivery
  3. Choice of cover finishes

Lightweight and professional, paperback book printing is ideal for reports, reference books, year books, novels and more.

Questions? Check out our book printing FAQs.

Available Sizes

  1. a4
  2. a5
  3. royal
  4. demy
  5. novel
  6. trade

  1. A4 Paperback Book Dimensions

    mm: 297mm x 210mm inches: 11.7in x 8.3in
    Ideal for: manuals, reference books, dissertations, photo books, recipes & more

  2. A5 Paperback Book Dimensions

    mm: 210mm x 148mm inches: 8.3in x 5.8in
    Ideal for: reference books, handbooks, directories, novels & more

  3. Royal Paperback Book Dimensions

    mm: 234mm x 156mm inches: 9.2in x 6.1in
    Ideal for: graphic novels, travel diaries, fiction & more

  4. Demy Paperback Book Dimensions

    mm: 216mm x 138mm inches: 8.5in x 5.4in
    Ideal for: poetry, novels, guides & more

  5. Small Novel Paperback Book Dimensions

    mm: 177mm x 127mm inches: 5in x 7in
    Ideal for: short novels, pocket guides, travel guides, memoirs & more

  6. Trade Paperback Book Dimensions

    mm: 229mm x 152mm inches: 6in x 9in
    Ideal for: short novels, pocket guides & more

Choose from A5 or A4 and black and white or colour copies in line with your requirements. Don't forget to get creative with our free book cover and spine design tool.

Order today from just £2.25 per document!

Simply upload your paperback book to get started...

Need something even sturdier? Upgrade to Hardback Book printing.

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Min Thickness:
- With matt paper finish, the minimum number of pages that can be bound is 29 if printed single sided and 57 if printed double sided.

- With silk paper finish, the minimum number of pages that can be bound is 30 if printed single sided and 59 if printed double sided.

- With gloss paper finish, the minimum number of pages that can be bound is 36 if printed single sided and 71 if printed double sided.
Max Thickness:
The maximum number of pages that can be bound is 377 if printed single sided and 754 if printed double sided.

Assuming your document is within the above limits for the configuration you require, please change the Paper Finish (i.e. matt, silk or gloss) and Printed Sides (i.e. single sided or double sided) options accordingly once the file has uploaded. Please Contact Us if you require any assistance.
Paper Size:
A5, A4, Half Letter, Letter, Demy, Royal, Small Novel and Trade.
Paper Weight:
Matt finish - 100 gsm.
Silk/gloss finish - 115 gsm.
Paper Finish:
Matt, silk or gloss.
Paper Sides:
Single sided or double sided printing.
Ink Colour:
Ink Colour: Black & white or colour print (this is for the inner pages - the ink colour for the cover can be selected separately in the Cover Design Tool as required).
Cover Lamination:
Gloss, matt or soft-touch lamination.


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Step 1

Check document thickness:

Your document must be within the following page limits for a Paperback book:

Matt Paper Finish
Single sided: 29 to 377 printed pages
Double sided: 57 to 754 printed pages

Silk Paper Finish
Single sided: 30 to 377 printed pages
Double sided: 59 to 754 printed pages

Gloss Paper Finish
Single sided: 36 to 377 printed pages
Double sided: 71 to 754 printed pages
Step 2

Accepted file types: .pdf .doc .docx .ppt .pptx .pub

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Step 3

Sorry, your document does not have enough pages to produce a Paperback Book if printed double sided.

However, if you are happy for it to be printed single sided then please select Continue. Alternatively, select Cancel and either choose a different product or Contact Us for assistance.
The paper size of the document you have uploaded is Letter/AQ size (i.e. 215.9mm x 279.4mm). If you are happy for this to be printed on A4 paper (i.e. 210mm x 297mm) then select Continue. Alternatively, Contact Us for assistance if you would like to print your document on Letter/AQ size paper, or select Cancel.
The orientation of the document you have uploaded is Landscape. However, the selected product requires the orientation to be Portrait and therefore any Landscape pages will be rotated 90 degrees anti-clockwise. If you are happy for this to occur then select Continue. Alternatively, select Cancel and upload a re-formatted document.
A problem has been detected with your file which will prevent it from displaying in the Document Previewer. Want us to try and fix it ? Select 'Continue'.

Note: this will take some time and depends on file size.
An error occurred while creating a preview for your document - this is normally caused by a problem with the file.

If you would like us to have a look into this then please send an email to [email protected] and attach the relevant file.
Please Choose Paper Size
Your document is Letter (AQ) sized, which is wider and shorter than A4.

If printed at A4 size, the content will be centralised vertically with a blank space at the top and bottom of each page. This will be shown in the Document Previewer.

How would you like to proceed?

Print the document on Letter (AQ) sized paper

Print the document on A4 paper

Click here to find out more about printing Letter sized documents.

A4 Paperback Childrens Book

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