Printed Memoirs, Family History Books & Family Trees – A Perfect Keepsake

Nowadays, it is easier than ever to research your family history, build a family tree or put your fingers to the keyboard and type a memoir.

And here at Doxzoo, quite a few customers choose us for their memoir, family history and family tree printing.

They are the perfect keepsake for all the family and make a great gift for relatives.

Memoir Printing

Writing your memoirs is no longer just a task for celebrities. With the ever increasing popularity of self-publishing, an average joe can also document their life.

Never mind the adoring fans – it can serve as a personal record for your own benefit, as well as a useful reference point for future generations within your family.

Family History Book Printing

The internet has enabled many of us to find out more about our genealogy than we ever thought we could.

Compiling a family history book can take time and perseverance, however you are sure of an outcome to be proud of.

Bring the book to life with biographies, key dates, photographs, maps and more.

And when the time comes, be sure to do it justice by choosing a professional book printing service.

Not sure where to start?

Popular family history research sites include:

Your book can be easily created using Microsoft Word or similar software. Or if you’re a dab hand at design, Adobe InDesign is a good choice.

Simply save as a PDF and you’re good to print!

Family Tree Printing

Due to their large size, a family tree can make a great poster or piece of wall art.

Pair it with a quality frame and it can be the perfect gift for a loved one celebrating a birthday or anniversary etc.

Thanks for reading!

Ready to print your memoirs, family history book or family tree poster?

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