What is a zine?

Online Zine Printing & Binding Services

So you’ve finished writing, designing and laying out your zine – awesome!

Now it’s time to get it printed and bound before you work on the all-important distribution.

Long gone are the days of standing over a photocopier creating copy after copy by hand. Nowadays, online zine printing is the sensible choice.

Find out more about your zine printing options here…

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Comb Binding vs. Wire Binding – Which Binding Method Should I Use?

In the battle of the document binding styles, which one wins?

Well there is certainly no one size fits all – the right binding choice for your document depends on a host of factors.

Including the purpose of your document, page length, budget and more.

In this post, we’ve considered two popular binding methods – comb binding and wire binding. View Post »

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