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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which are stored on your device when browsing a website. They contain data about the website session including pages viewed and actions taken. It also allows you to auto-login and store products in your basket to purchase at a later date.

These cookies help us to optimise user experience and ensure our website is catering to the requirements of our visitors.

As outlined below, we use a combination of session cookies, first party cookies and third party cookies.

First Party Cookies

We use cookies to enhance your user experience and to assist with the basic function of our website.

Doxzoo uses the following first party cookies:


Third Party Cookies

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to monitor website traffic and performance. Google Analytics data is anonymised and not personally identifiable.

Click here to find out more about Google Analytics cookie usage.

Google Analytics uses the following cookies:


We use to process customer reviews.

Click here to read the privacy policy. uses the following cookies:



We use an embeddable Twitter widget to showcase our latest tweets.

Twitter uses the following cookie:

Click here to find out more about Twitter cookie usage.


We use an AddThis social sharing widget on our website. This enables users to easily share our content.

AddThis uses the following cookie:

Click here to find out more about AddThis cookie usage.


We use Intercom to provide a Live Chat and Help Center facility to our users.

Click here to find out more about Intercom cookie usage.

Intercom uses the following cookies:

intercom-session (expires when the session ends)
intercom-lou (expires after 1 year)
intercom-id (expires when cookies are cleared)

Note: this feature is in a testing phase and is not currently accessible to the majority of users.

Managing Cookies

If you do not wish to accept website cookies, there are several ways to manage them.

Cookie management differs by browser and device.

Several useful links for common browsers are shown below.

Useful links:

Google Chrome - clear, enable and manage cookies in Chrome
Firefox - enable/disable cookies
Internet Explorer - delete & manage cookies
Safari - manage cookies for macOS Sierra

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