Interview With The Classic Print Shop

Here at Doxzoo, we love showcasing customer stories.

So when we started printing interesting vintage ads for The Classic Print Shop, we had to strike up a conversation with the owner, Anna Gover.

Read on to find out more about her venture…

What is The Classic Print Shop? What inspired it?

The Classic Print Shop was inspired by the beautiful and artistic advertisements of the past. Talented and brilliant designers and artists created some truly beautiful images, at a time when print had real power.

Who are the team behind it?

Anna Gover, Owner of The Classic Print Shop
Anna Gover, Owner

The idea for The Classic Print shop was dreamed up by Anna Gover who comes from a graphics / photo restoration and business background. Since starting we have built up a bit of team which is made up of the odd Graphic designer, publisher and basically anyone we can get our hands on to help us out!

What are your favourite prints and ads? Which are the most popular?

Our favourites, and the most popular, are the old cigarette ads. It’s amazing to think that once they were used to illustrate good health – the Kensitas one is a brilliant example.

Kensitas Cigarettes - The Classic Print Shop
Kensitas Cigarettes Advert Print – The Classic Print Shop

Our fruit label print – mainly from the sunshine states of America – are bold, gorgeous and often hilarious. Who doesn’t want “Gay Cock” or “Buxom Melons”?

Gay Cock Print - The Classic Print Shop
Gay Cock Advert Print – The Classic Print Shop
Buxom Melons Print - The Classic Print Shop
Buxom Melons Advert Print – The Classic Print Shop

What next for The Classic Print Shop?

We’re branching out into graphic prints too – with some apposite sayings. We love “This Kitchen Is For Dancing”.

We’re going to have some gorgeous Christmas cards and coasters too – look out for them!

Find Out More…

Facebook: @theclassicprintshop
Instagram: The Classic Print Shop
Twitter: @theclassicprint
Pinterest: /theclassicprint

Thanks, Anna!

Doxzoo would like to say a big thank you to Anna for sharing her thoughts with us here.

Best of luck with your new project – we hope to print lots more of your designs in the near future.

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