Interview With No Ordinary Emporium

Today we’re welcoming Jane from No Ordinary Emporium to the blog.

Her map based creations really stood out, so we got in touch to learn more about her brand, No Ordinary Emporium.

What is No Ordinary Emporium?

No Ordinary Emporium creates and sells unique personalised travel maps and travel journals. Our products are most popular with newlyweds, as anniversary gifts and for milestone birthdays.

Who is behind it?

Myself and my partner Steven. I have a background in web & graphic design so I create all of the illustrations and Steven with his marketing knowledge comes up with new ideas and the best ways to promote them.

What inspired it?

A couple of years ago I wanted to find a special anniversary gift for Steven. I wanted something different and unique. We love travelling to interesting places whenever we get the chance so I spent some time creating a personalised map of all the places we had been with dates and memories of each place. It was then that we thought other people may also like a personalised memory map, and we took it from there.

Where can people order your products?

We mainly sell through our Etsy shop, but we also have our own website. We’re considering selling at artisan markets in the future.

What next for No Ordinary Emporium?

We’re expanding our range this year to offer wedding related items. We’ve had a bit of interest in our alternative wedding guest book maps so plan to take the idea further into a full range of wedding stationery.

Now that’s the business stuff out of the way, on to the topic of travel…

What are your top 3 countries to travel to?

Italy, Switzerland and the UK. Italy, because it’s steeped in history plus has delicious food; Switzerland, for it’s beautiful cities, sun & snow and stunning scenery; and of course the UK, because while it’s great to travel to other countries we love to explore our own country too.

What are your top 3 cities to travel to?

I love New York, it’s such a diverse city; Bologna was a brilliant base in Italy with enough to explore in its own right but great to explore further afield; and Barcelona, another diverse city, and because I will never tire of looking at Gaudi’s unique architectural masterpieces.

How can we find out more and stay in touch?

Etsy shop –
Website –
Instagram –
Facebook –
Twitter –
Pinterest –

Thanks Jane!

We’d like to say a big thank you to Jane for her contribution to this post.

If you like what you’ve seen, don’t forget to check out the No Ordinary Emporium store using the links above.

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